HealthPatch® MDpart of the innovative VitalConnect Platform, is capable of remotely capturing a broad range of clinical-grade biometric measurements in a continuous, configurable and non-obtrusive manner using a small yet powerful patch worn on the chest. HealthPatch® MD biosensors have a unique set of features that enable an array of possibilities for their use.


Eight FDA-cleared measurements in a single biosensor patch

  • Single-Lead ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Skin Temperature
  • Body Posture 
  • Fall Detection
  • Activity including Steps


The value of multi-modal data is greater than the sum of its parts
Simultaneous collection of multiple data streams provides context to each individual measurement. Time-stamped data provides a strong foundation for data analytics. For example, vital sign changes such as an increase in heart rate or respiratory rate may be viewed relative to a patient's activity and body posture.


Monitoring the patient remotely
With our technology, it's not just a snap shot of data taken when the healthcare professional is with the patient. Our biosensors continuously track comprehensive vital signs and biometrics wherever the patient is and transmit the data to the patient's healthcare provider, providing the ability to observe improvement or degradation on a real-time basis and intervene if necessary. 


Versatile to meet clinical needs
The VitalConnect Platform was designed to support integrations with 3rd party services and applications. Data streams and features can be optimized for a wide variety of uses. Moreover, healthcare professionals may configure thresholds for each biometric measurement to detect clinically-relevant changes.


Reliable relay and cloud connectivity
Wireless Bluetooth low energy connectivity to a mobile device or other data relay and WiFi connection enables rapid data delivery from the biosensor patch to the mobile device to the server. All data is encrypted from the biosensor through transit. Our customizable and scalable cloud may also be used for storage of historical data or to perform analytics, or the platform can be integrated to transmit data directly to a third party’s own server.  


Lightweight adhesive patch
The lightweight flexible adhesive patch makes it easy for patients to wear in the hospital or at home. The biosensor is applied to the chest area and can be worn discreetly under clothing. The patch can also be worn while showering or bathing. A range of adhesives are available to accommodate skin type, activity, and environmental factors.


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