Why Vital Connect?

At Vital Connect, we’re leading the way toward the future of healthcare.

At Vital Connect...

We are creating solutions that build toward a more efficient medical landscape, enhanced by digital technology and real time data. Vital Connect aims to improve patient outcomes and economic outcomes by delivering the leading biosensing platform that enables continuous, connected, configurable, and comfortable monitoring of biometrics.

Imagine a future where…

…treatment and prevention outcomes improve as mobile health data becomes ubiquitous

...patients have access to discreet and comfortable cardiac monitoring technology that doesn’t interfere with their activities

…biometric data is monitored from arrival to the hospital, throughout the hospital stay, and continues at home to reduce the risk of readmission

…clinical workflows in the hospital are optimized for improved efficiency and quality of care through real-time, continuous patient surveillance

…clinical studies harness the power of mobile health data to improve therapeutic outcomes and trial efficiency

With Vital Connect, it’s all within reach.


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